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The LillyPad Difference

LillyPad Health is Waterloo Region's premier authorized Ideal Protein weight loss center, established 2011.

As the only dedicated full-time authorized Ideal Protein center in Waterloo Region, LillyPad Health offers a comprehensive one-on-one weight loss program to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

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Eating habits affect us in big ways, our weight, our mood, our energy levels… but there’s more to it than simply counting calories. We will support you in your journey to better health. We can help you set and achieve your weight loss goals, educate you about healthy eating habits, and teach you how you can maintain your health and weight using our flavourful, low-carb, pro-vegetable recipes.

Want to improve the productivity of your employees? LillyPad will work with you provide weekly outcomes you can track. When the health of your employees improves, so does their productivity. Better health = better business.




In 2011, at 5’4” I weighed 230 lbs. I needed a sleep apnea machine, had restless leg syndrome, needed orthotics in my shoes, and found that I was always tired. It felt like I was living in a fog… 

All of that changed when I visited my sister in Halifax. She told me about the Ideal Protein diet and introduced me to her coach. When the coach explained how and why the body stores fat and how the Ideal Protein protocol worked, I thought I should give it a try. Within four days the fog had lifted and I suddenly had my energy back. The program was easy to follow, the food was delicious, and I didn't need to stress my recovering injuries. Slowly but surely my body began to change. Within 4 months I was off my sleep apnea machine and my restless leg medications. After 6 months I had lost 65 lbs (10 inches from my waist!) without setting foot in the gym. I felt and looked better than I had in 20 years.


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