Individual Wellness & Weight Loss


At LillyPad Health, you become part of the family. Your journey will be about what you need. Come meet our team in our judgement and shame-free environment. LillyPad coaches will support you every inch of the way. 

Our programs are focused on helping you make the changes you need to be a healthier person. LillyPad does not promote fad diets, however. And we don't advertise quick ways to lose weight. We are entirely about wellness, healthy eating, and weight loss. As a result, we are a place where you will never be pressured to buy products or fit an idealized image. 

Our Coaches

LillyPad's trained coaches will provide empathetic, individualized one-on-one attention to our clients at weekly scheduled appointments. In addition, we have a variety of ways to stay in touch. Our coaches will also teach you to use the Ideal Smart tools. These are tools that will help you on a daily basis. LillyPad offers a wide range of workshops too. Examples are: healthy eating, how food affects the body, food preparation, and low-carb cooking. All together, our services will give you the long-term knowledge required to give you the confidence to continue your life with healthier habits.

Our Connections

We work to connect with clients and the community at large to share our message of health. If you have medical concerns, as many of our clients do, please contact us. We will help you find the solutions that are best for you. We're more than willing to work with direct care physicians. Our coaches have assisted many clients in communicating with their doctors.

Our Chosen Protocol

LillyPad is an Ideal Protein Certified Independent Centre because we feel that this medically developed ketogenic protocol is the best option to help our clients achieve their health goals. Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, an award-winning graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, designed the protocol and its alternates. The Ideal Protein organization then developed the high quality products that make it more convenient for the average person to follow. Thanks to Ideal Protein, our clients frequently tell us how much they enjoy the products and program. The results they've achieved with LillyPad's support speak for themselves! 

You can learn more about the protocol on our Why Ideal Protein? page.