About LillyPad


Our Mission at LillyPad
Our mission to improve the health of Waterloo Region began in 2011, with the goal of accomplishing this through applied knowledge - no gimmicks or quick fixes. We will support our clients in their journey to better health, every inch of the way. We help clients set and achieve weight loss goals, educate people about healthy eating habits, and teach the public how to maintain their health and weight using our flavourful recipes.


We believe that everyone can improve their health. While the Ideal Protein protocol that we use provides an excellent path to weight loss, education and support are the most essential aspects of the services that LillyPad offers our clients to help them improve their overall health and maintain their weight. By beginning your journey with us, you become part of the LillyPad family.

How LillyPad came to be – the story of Karen Lill
The Ideal Protein success story of LillyPad’s owner Karen Lill was the catalyst for Karen’s passion for health and the creation of LillyPad.
In 2011, Karen first encountered Ideal Protein during a visit with her sister in Halifax. Karen was stunned by what she learned about how the body stores fat, insulin resistance, and how the body reacts to what you eat. Since then, not only has she lost more than 65 pounds and kept it off, her overall health has improved significantly too. Karen’s family and friends have also found great success with the program. With such dramatic evidence, she knew she had to share what she had learned with others. LillyPad came into being in 2011 and has been growing ever since, from its humble beginning in a tiny office to our expanded retail store in UpTown Waterloo.