How LillyPad Can Help




 If you struggle with your weight, we're here to help!


Eating habits affect us in big ways, our weight, our mood, our energy levels. But there’s more to weight loss than simply counting calories. A lot of people are going to tell you to eat less and exercise more, as though solving your health problems is really that simple. This mindset completely glosses over the complexity of the human body and leaves out the behavioral side altogether.

Breaking Habits Is Hard To Do - Education And Perseverance Are Key

We know it’s hard to break bad habits and make better new ones if you don’t have the knowledge you need. LillyPad will teach you how to:
    • understand nutrition - how carbs & fats affect your blood sugars and insulin, leading to weight gain and other side effects
    • read labels and find hidden ingredients
    • navigate eating out
    • combat cravings
    • change your taste buds
    • find time to eat better
    • manage picky eaters
    • stay motivated when challenged
    • and more…

What to Expect From Your LillyPad Experience:

  • One-on-one coaching throughout your individual weight loss journey  
  • A personalized approach to setting your weight loss goals based on your individual health profile, habits and food choices
  • Gain a fundamental knowledge of nutrition and how your body gains and loses weight
  • Online tools to track your progress, meals and goals
  • Easy to prepare, affordable delicious food 
  • Free samples and recipes
  • Lifestyle education, coaching, and guidance to help you sustain your Ideal Weight
  • Ongoing support to maximize your success throughout maintenance

At LillyPad, our coaches will help you solve the problems that cause the weight gain at their root.

When You Know Better, You Do Better

Your education begins at your initial consult. At the appointment, we will explain how and why the medically developed ketogenic Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol works. This will continue at every weekly check in, through our website and social media accounts, and at LillyPad workshops.

You will receive daily videos - Relevant Advice and Guidance Tailored to Your Experience. Your daily videos aren’t just random motivational messages. Each video you receive will be relevant to where you are on the program. This will ensure that you get the support you need, when you need it. In addition, your Ideal Smart account also offers videos on cooking and fitness. 

It takes 21 days to replace a bad habit with a good one. Change does not come easy

It is important to enjoy your food, even while losing weight. So we provide recipes and weekly samples. We also have cooking workshops so that you can try new foods as your tastes change while on program.

Are you pressed for time and hooked on convenience foods? We will help you plan ahead so you can have your favourite, deliciously healthy foods ready in a quick and easy way. At your weekly consult and occasional workshops, we will discuss and teach you to manage your personal time crunch.

Need help to get moving again? You will receive informative weekly videos from Steve Moratto. The focus of this program is to help prepare your body for a more active lifestyle via corrective postural movements. There will be no pain and you will gain knowledge of how your body works. The result? You will feel better, look great, and live well.

What We Eat Matters 
You can have food that is both Healthy AND Delicious!
We will help you transition to making your own deliciously healthy meals through our recipes, in store food samples, products, and LillyPad designed workshops. You'll discover new vegetables to love along with simple ways to make your improved lifestyle easier. 
Missing your favourites? Karen is always up for a challenge, let her know your favorite comfort foods or bring in a recipe and she will make you a healthier version.