A great, quick, no cook pesto sauce. It’s goes wonderfully with zucchini noodles and other thinly sliced or spiral sliced vegetables for a delicious cold salad.

This is a versatile spread or hummus style sauce will add flavour and creaminess to your Ideal Protein rotini noodles or provide a low carb dip for your vegetables.

This spinach dip is a great low carb, low fat and sugar free alternative to heavy cream based or sweetened prepared dips.

This thick and tasty spread makes a good dip or vegetable accompaniment. You can spice it up with additional flavours too!

ā€ˇRhubarb is in season! Cook up a pot of this and freeze so you can enjoy it for months. Multiply the recipe. This tart-sweet compote is great on its own, on top of meat or mixed with oatmeal.